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When it comes to Whiskey or Whisky, just like Wine, there are 1,000s to choose from and perhaps surprisingly there are over 500 brands of whiskey! To give your customers the opportunity to taste whiskey and then to buy their preferred bottle or bottles, Wine Corner offers an automated or self-service Whiskey Dispenser.

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Storing up to six whiskey bottles in each dispensing machine, the Whiskey Dispenser incorporates a card system and a single button solution. Making use of gas to enable dispensing, like our By the Glass® Wine Dispensers and Preservation Systems, the Whiskey Dispenser is a controlled tasting machine.

The Whiskey Dispenser or whiskey tasting machine, including the card system, provides the consumer with the opportunity to:

• Taste up to two whiskies per day or occasion
• ‘Serve themselves’ using pre-purchased cards
• Consume a specific volume for tasting purposes

For the whiskey retailers, the whiskies are presented in a beautiful dispensing machine with the labels on the bottles of whiskey clearly visible to the customer. The Whiskey Dispensers don’t need to be ‘manned’ as the customer can serve themselves. And as the dispensing is completely automated, the measure provided is a specific tasting volume, nothing more, nothing less.

Access is controlled access using the card system so customers enjoy two small tasters per 24 hours. Cards are given out by you, the retailer and get recharged automatically with two tastings every 24 hours.

Price 6 Bottle Dispenser including card system and first 200 cards: £7,500.

Business Finance Available for 5 years from £33.58 per week.

If you would like to purchase a Whiskey Dispenser using our monthly payment option (which is available to Limited Companies) Please contact us

For more information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 03333 702589 or email us at info@winecorner.co.uk.